Buying A Gift

 A Watchful Neighborsm makes a wonderful gift for:

  • new homeowners
  • newlyweds
  • older persons & their families
  • people living alone – all ages
  • families
  • roommates
  • anyone

Carefully follow these instructions to buy your gift:

 1.  Go to Sign Up Now! page

 2.  Buyer's Information – (a) Fill in your info (The gift receiver will submit their info when they sign up.)
                                                       (b) Check box -  "If this is a Gift Certificate purchase, check box"                                           

 3.  Cars & Boats - (a)  Indicate if it is a car (or a boat) that you want included with the Registered Property at no extra charge.
                                              Note: If you want your gift to include more than one car/boat, the additional cost is $10 each.
                                      (b)  Select or type in "gift" for related required fields*

 4.  Promotional Code - Put gift recipient's Last Name/s (if known at time of purchase)

 5.  Payment - complete payment process

 6.  Gift Certificate – will be emailed to you soon after (no more than 48 hours)
                                            You can either email or print it out for the recipient.