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If you saw something of concern with one of our customers’ properties and you want us to notify them, please call: (855) BE-WATCHFUL or  (855) 239-2824  (toll-free)

Have a question?  Visit our FAQ  page for complete information about  A Watchful Neighborsm.  If the answer to your question is not there, here’s how you can contact us:

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or Call: (855) BE-WATCHFUL or  (855)  239-2824  (toll-free)

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or Call:    (855) BE-WATCHFUL or  (855)  239-2824  (toll-free)

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  • Your contact information changed
  • You are moving
  • You need new decals or a sign
  • You have any other question

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A Watchful Neighbor is everywhere  in the USA (in your community, your relative’s state, your friend’s town) but correspondence can be directed to:

A Watchful Neighbor
38 E. Ridgewood Avenue #200
Ridgewood, NJ  07450