Redeeming Your Gift


Follow these instructions to redeem your Gift Certificate:

1.   Go to Sign Up Now! page

2.  Complete form  – for services outlined on your Gift Certificate*.  Fill in "Buyer's Information" with your information.

3.   Promotional Code – type in the code that is on your Gift Certificate

4.  Submit – select

5.  “Almost there!” page – close it, because your service has already been paid for. 

There is nothing else you need to do. You will receive your Customer Pack in about three weeks.

      *If you would like to include cars or boats not paid for as part of the gift, please fill in the information for those cars/boats
and then call us toll-free at:  (855) BE-WATCHFUL to arrange for payment at $10 each.  Customer Pack will not be mailed to
you until payment is received for these additions.