Apparently there had been a suspected gas leak in the street, and they had to inspect all the houses in the immediate area.

A few years ago my neighbor temporarily moved out of the country for a job transfer. My family moved next door in the previous year and we did not know this neighbor very well. One day I came home after work and was greeted by 3 fire trucks and a few police cars all blocking the entrance to my driveway. Apparently my neighbor’s fire alarm was activated by a water leak inside the house. It was a very cold day in January and the heat was not working properly and, therefore, a few pipes broke and created enormous water damage.

I approached the police officer in charge and explained that I needed to pull into my driveway. The officer asked me for a telephone number for my neighbor, but I did not have one. If A Watchful Neighbor was available the owner would have been contacted sooner and the water damage could have been limited.

— Frank

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