About Us

People want to help each other—they just don’t always have a way to do it. This is why we created  A Watchful Neighborsm 
— a neighborly  notification service for property owners and renters that is available always.

Over the years we have heard countless stories from our friends, families, and neighbors about bad things happening to their properties while they were not there.  

Whether at work, on vacation, or just out for the day, these property owners often did not know what happened until they returned home and saw it firsthand. In most cases, they could have prevented further damage if they had known about the problem earlier.

Neighbors, passersby, and sometimes even the police had seen what had happened: fallen trees, burst water pipes, unclaimed mail/packages, damage to car or boat, broken window, flooding (car or property), loose dog, damaged storefront after hours, lawn sprinklers left on, fire dept. or police activity, including investigated alarms that needed to be shut off.

They wanted to contact the owner but did not know how.  A Watchful Neighbor allows anyone (including emergency personnel) to call in a concern to our staff, and we will deliver the message directly to the owner.

People might say, “I have plenty of friends who live nearby, and they know how to reach me.” That may be true, but those friends might not be home at the time of the incident, or even know that it’s occurring.

Our service lets anyone who notices something have a way to inform property owners and renters of the issue, without having contact information.

Now everyone can be  A Watchful Neighbor!

A Watchful Neighbor is waiting by the phone to deliver messages to you at all hours.

While on vacation in Puerto Rico or ANYWHERE, have peace of mind with A Watchful Neighbor.
My owners could have used A Watchful Neighbor during the height of my career as an escape artist.
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