How It Works

A Watchful Neighborsm makes it possible for anyone to let you know when something happens to your property when you’re not there … without anyone ever  knowing your personal contact information.

Here's how it works: 



unfortunate happens to your property

This property could be your house, yard, business, vacation home, townhouse, apartment, condo, rental property, car, or boat



notices and wants to tell you but doesn't know how to contact you

This person could be a neighbor, passerby, utility worker, postal carrier, responding fire or police personnel ... anyone!



it’s displayed that you have A Watchful Neighbor, and that somebody knows to call us

This could be the garden sign in your yard or a window decal on your home, business, car or boat



from our team talks with the caller, obtains information, and determines the owner 

This is through the address of your home or business, car license plate, boat registration number, etc.



shortly thereafter, A Watchful Neighbor delivers the message to you

The message is delivered by any combination of phone call, text, or email


you’ll be glad you have A Watchful Neighbor