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Online, go to Sign Up Now & fill in the following info:

Buyer’s Information section:
  •  OLD address

Registered Property section:
  •  NEW address

Cars & Boats section:
  •  Did any license plates or boat reg. #’s change?
        --  If yes – fill in new info
        --  If no – choose "neither"

Notifications section:
     • Did any of your Contacts’ info change?
         --  If yes – fill in new info
         --  If no – do nothing

A Watchful Neighbor customers receive section:
     • Do you need a new garden sign?
          (Remember: Don’t leave signage at any unregistered property. It is useless unless property is registered with us)

        --  If yes – check this box on the form: “Note: Apartments, condos & businesses do not receive a garden sign.
                                                                     If you have a place to display a sign & would like one, check box [   ] “
        --  If no – take your garden sign to your new place. If you don’t have a place for it, throw it out!

     • Remove window decal from old place (and from any car/boat that is not going to be registered now). We will send you a new decal & Neighbor Cards

Comments section:
     • Write in: “We Moved!”

Submit button:
     • Press “Submit” button
     • Then, close/ “x” out – no payment is necessary at this time

Your contact info will be updated, and you will receive your new decal & Neighbor Cards soon!

Best wishes in your new neighborhood!