They could have used A Watchful Neighbor

My mother lived alone in the next state, since my father passed away a few years ago. We spoke with her regularly on the phone and visited her frequently. There was never a worry, as she had always seemed fine, and my sister lived close by. About a year ago, my wife and I went to visit my mother. A neighbor approached us and said “Thank God the family is here.” They noticed my mother was behaving strangely, and they wanted to let her family know, but they didn’t know how to get ahold of us. My mother is now living with us, as she cannot live alone any longer.

Kurt D. (full name withheld)

Deb was at work, and although she has an installed security alarm, it didn't notify her when a tree came down and destroyed her garage.  Hear the story about how the neighbor who saw the tree on her garage finally was able to tell her about what had happened:   Deb T.'s story    

Deb T. (full name withheld)

Several years ago something happened at my business, a garden center, which proved how necessary A Watchful Neighbor is for business owners. During after hours, my husband and I were enjoying dinner at our home. Suddenly, we heard banging on the door. A man we hardly knew expressed with urgency that we needed to get in our car and head to our business as soon as possible. We couldn’t believe it—a car plowed through the storefront, destroying hundreds of flats of flowers in our inventory. This man, by a stroke of sheer luck, happened to know where we lived and therefore how to reach us. But what if he hadn't?  We were lucky.  I can’t even imagine the mess that would have ensued if we had discovered the damage the next morning.

Donna D. (full name withheld)

"Ladder on property used to burglarize Saddle River home while residents were on vacation"

Police in Saddle River report that a home in the Burning Hollow area of the town was burglarized Wednesday night by one or more individuals who used a ladder found on the property to enter a second-floor window. Lt. John Gaffney said police responded to an alarm at 10:38 p.m., but...
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Jim Norman

A few years ago my neighbor temporarily moved out of the country for a job transfer. My family moved next door in the previous year and we did not know this neighbor very well. One day I came home after work and was greeted by 3 fire trucks and a few police cars all blocking the entrance to my driveway. Apparently my neighbor’s fire alarm was activated by a water leak inside the house. It was a very cold day in January and the heat was not working properly and, therefore, a few pipes broke and created enormous water damage.

I approached the police officer in charge and explained that I needed to pull into my driveway. The officer asked me for a telephone number for my neighbor, but I did not have one. If A Watchful Neighbor was available the owner would have been contacted sooner and the water damage could have been limited.

Frank (full name withheld)

We had recently moved into our dream house, built it from the ground up, and were thrilled it was all finished.  I came home from work one day and found a very nice note from our local fire department. Apparently there had been a suspected gas leak in the street, and they had to inspect all the houses in the immediate area.  He said luckily (and then added I should be more careful) that our back door was unlocked, enabling him to come in and check the basement.

If the door had been locked, I am unsure whether they would have had to break our brand new back door (Not a great option after taking weeks to choose a new back door) or take the long task of trying to locate us at work.

When I heard about this new service, I immediately thought that I could have used A Watchful Neighbor then.  It would have been perfect in this instance.  Had the door been locked, they would have been able to locate me quickly.  I would have been able to come home, unlock the door, and the basement would have been checked with no damage to the house. 

Jill I. (full name withheld)