Why you need A Watchful Neighbor

Anyone can contact you about a problem they notice concerning your property, without knowing your contact information.

When something happens, as soon as we know, you will know.  You won’t have to come home to an unwelcome surprise if you have  A Watchful Neighborsm.

If your neighbor or friend has your contact information, they won’t always be there when something happens. They may also work every day, shop, run errands, and they go on vacation, etc.  A Watchful Neighbor gives everyone the power to reach you.

What could happen?

Damage to property

  • Fallen tree or limbs
  • Water pipe bursts
  • Broken window
  • Accident on property

 Your immediate attention is needed

  • Activity involving utility company, police, fire, first aid
  • Alarm shut-off for home or business
  • Potentially unauthorized party (teen, etc.), and your neighbor does not want to call the police … yet
  • Garage or front door accidentally left open or sprinklers left on while away
  • Strange car or truck in driveway for extended period of time while away

 Deliveries left unattended

  • Mail & newspaper delivery that wasn’t stopped for vacation
  • Packages, goods, or dry cleaning delivered and left out for a long time

 Family members need you

  • Child locked out or needs assistance
  • Older family member exhibiting troubling, but not life-threatening behavior
  • Wandering pet
  • Any family member treated by emergency responder while home alone

Community/Neighborhood issues

  • Power outage
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Flooding or water concerns

A Watchful Neighbor is for everyone!

You need peace of mind  while you're not home.  With our service, you get it, because as soon as we know, you will know!

A Watchful Neighbor cares when you're not there!