Something may happen to your business when it is closed.

Hopefully, the problem is noticed by someone who knows how to reach you.  If that is not the case, now anyone who sees a concern with your business can call  A Watchful Neighborsm.  We will deliver the message to you by any combination of phone call, email, or text.  

Knowing about issues sooner allows you to act before the problem gets worse, and maybe even before the next business day begins.

For just  $50 a year,  A Watchful Neighbor will cover  one business & one car or boat (company or personal).
Additional cars or boats can be added for only $10 each.

What could happen?

  • Water pipe or fire sprinkler systems breaks (at your business or next door)
  • Accident involving your business
  • Broken glass window or door (perhaps caused by vandals)
  • Building owner or maintenance workers needs to access premises
  • Suspicious activity by an employee or other person while you are away or closed (but not urgent enough to call the police)
  • Door or window left open, but your business is closed
  • Strange truck or car parked at business (or in parking lot) for extended period of time, while you are closed for vacation

See additional reasons why you need  A Watchful Neighbor.

A Watchful Neighbor Cares When You’re Not There  -  24 hours/day, 365 days a year.