Cars & Boats

How does  A Watchful Neighborsm  work for cars and boats?

When you’re not with your car or boat and something happens to it, hopefully a person who sees the problem knows how to contact you.  Many times, this is not the case.  Maybe someone damaged your car (or boat), and wants to tell you, but doesn’t want to leave their contact information on the windshield.

Anyone (on the street, on the water, in a parking lot, or at the marina)  will be able to let you know about the problem through  A Watchful Neighbor.  They can call us, tell us your license plate number (or boat registration number), and we will deliver their message to you.  You will be able to act quickly before the issue with your car (or boat) gets worse.

For just  $50 a yearA Watchful Neighbor covers  one residence/business & one car or boat.
(Additional cars or boats can be added for only $10 each.)

*Note: boat must be state-registered and have glass for decal (e.g., windshield, window, etc.)

What could happen?


  • Your car or boat is damaged by another while parked, moored, etc.
  • Someone witnessed damage to your car or boat and wants to notify you
  • After damaging your vehicle, someone wants to leave you a note, but not publicly on the windshield of your car or boat
  • A tree or limb has fallen on your car or trailered boat
  • Your belongings were left on or near the car or boat
  • Your car is parked in an area where a water main break or flood occurred
  • There are community-wide concerns (weather or activity) affecting your car or boat that someone wants you aware of


  • Your car was towed
  • Activity involving police, fire dept., utility company, etc.
  • Your boat is taking on water
  • Problem/damage involving your boat while docked, moored, or on its trailer in your yard
  • The boat broke away from its mooring or from the dock
  • The vehicle’s alarm is sounding and needs to be turned off
  • Your car or boat was stolen and recovered, but no one knows how to contact you
  • A bystander notices someone is breaking into your vehicle and after  calling 911, they want to alert you 
  • It appears unauthorized people are in your boat

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A Watchful Neighbor Cares When You’re Not There  -  24 hours/day, 365 days a year.