Older Persons

Are you worried about your older family member(s) that live on their own?

If so, you can now have  peace of mind  with  A Watchful Neighborsm.

A neighbor, friend, or someone who regularly sees your family member may notice a problem (or troubling behavior), but they do not know how to contact you.

Your loved ones may forget how to reach you or become confused during a time of need and require assistance from another person.

A Watchful Neighbor can help.

We will deliver the message to you – wherever you are.  You can then check on your loved ones.

Of course, 911 should be called immediately if an emergency situation occurs.  A Watchful Neighbor can be called after the emergency has been addressed.

A Watchful Neighbor is just  $50 a year.

What could happen?


  • Your older family member is locked out of their home
  • They need assistance with household chores, but won’t ask anyone for help
  • Your loved one seems to be involved with a questionable person (which could result in abuse or financial harm)
  • There is a power outage, and your family member needs assistance or comfort
  • Their mail, newspapers or packages haven’t been brought inside for an extended period of time
  • There is activity involving the police, first aid, fire dept., utility company, etc.
  • Doors left open for an extended period of time


  • Your older family member is not wearing weather-appropriate clothing at a concerning level
  • They are exhibiting troubling (but not life-threatening)  behavior, including signs of confusion or disorientation
  • Your family member has visible eating concerns
  • Your older family member appears to be mistreated by a caregiver


A Watchful Neighbor Cares When You’re Not There  -  24 hours/day, 365 days a year.