Vacation Homes & Rental Properties

Vulnerable when unoccupied - that is the reality for vacation houses, second homes, and rental properties.

Even occupied with tenants or renters, things can still happen when you're not there.

A Watchful Neighborsm  allows anyone to get a message to you (or your property manager) when they notice a concern with your vacation or rental home.  The sooner these concerns are known, the sooner they can be addressed by you (or your property manager).

For just  $50 a year A Watchful Neighbor covers  one vacation home/rental property & one car or boat.
(Additional cars or boats can be added for only $10 each.)

What could happen?

  • Suspected break-in/illegal entry to property (after investigated by police)
  • Unfamiliar persons in the house or yard acting suspiciously (but not enough to call the police)
  • Strange car or truck in driveway during “off season” or at a time when you generally aren’t there
  • Renters are exhibiting troubling behavior or acting suspiciously
  • Important community concerns someone wants you to be aware of (weather related or activities reported)

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A Watchful Neighbor Cares When You’re Not There  -  24 hours/day, 365 days a year.